When God Shows Up: A Pastor’s Journey

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I was not raised a Christian. My life up until conversion at 33 years old was pockmarked with sin, tragedy and failure. By the time I had moved to New York City in I was living a life in a fast lane headed for a cliff. I had lost all hope.

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Everything I touched seemed to turn to dust. I came to the conclusion that love was a mirage and that life itself was a meaningless illusion that only produced heartache and disappointment. I was empty.

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I wanted my life to be over. Before I collapsed I crawled over to an open window and cried out to God for help—then fell into unconsciousness fully expecting my life to be over. But God had other plans.

Pastor’s Journey

My girlfriend found me the next morning crumpled up on the floor in the center of the living room. We began to weep together over what our lives had come to. But something was different.

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Something had changed inside. God heard my cry—He reached down into my spiritually darkened existence and breathed life into my soul and from that moment on began the slow process of restoring my life.

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After attending a church on the Upper East Side of Manhattan for a few months, my girlfriend and I decided it would be best to start over somewhere else. New York, with all of its wonderful opportunities, had for us become a place that represented a former life—one that needed to end. We decided to move to Orange County California to start over.

This hysterically amusing look finds Dr. Rehan broadcasts out a St. Anyone is welcome and the church is called The Interfaith Church for You.

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Here Muslims, Jews, Christians and other religion are welcome. Did you know that there are countries where people are put to death for not believing in God? Christopher Sutton makes the perfect televangelist and you can not help but see the resemblance to the latest TV screen con men. Lou Liberatore makes the perfect God who is both loving and vengeful.

Director Christopher Scott keep things moving and has created a fabulous before and after musical score that is well done. Both my guest and I laughed out loud and really enjoyed this witty look at life and religion.