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We transform this park establishing links between sculptures and a botanique collection, but preserving nature everywhere. Her fields of interest focus on legal challenges raised by decentralized technologies, their potential to design new governance models and participatory decision-making, and the concept of governance-by-design. Digital operator, entrepreneur, investor and advisor with a focus on marketplaces, health, education, media and mobility.

Rae is passionate about facilitating community-based transformative experiences to address the social challenges of our times. She is a cross-sector leader with twenty years of experience providing strategic consulting and facilitation services to organizations of all sizes, including family and corporate foundations, leading nonprofits and a wide range of Fortune corporations.

CEO Decode Media. I am an entrepreneur, a researcher, and a science literacy advocate.

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I work and play at the intersection of cognitive neuroscience, developmental psychology, education, and systems thinking. I believe that one of the single most valuable things we can do to improve human decision-making is to improve mental health functioning. Towards that end, my current focus is in investigating effective approaches in the early education environment to best prepare children for their own future.

Managing Partner, Clareo. Contributor, Forbes.


Working in the field of food innovation, challenging people taste buds, promoting food diversity and cultural difference. Fascinated by technology, art design.

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Roderick van Nispen just finished his high school in Amsterdam. Roderick wants to become an entrepreneur and is looking very much forward meeting all of you in Avalon and helping out the Kinnernet team creating this fantastic event. I make video games. For Star Wars. For Microsoft. For Hollywood. And now, for doctors. Sara Roversi, is a serial entrepreneur and ecosystem builder; founder of the Future Food Network, operating globally in education, food sustainability, radical change and tangible impact driven innovation from farm to fork.

Shaukat was an early member of the Yahoo! Shii Ann Huang is an entrepreneur, actor, artist and a former reality TV star. She funds her artistic interests and futurist curiosity by running a successful real estate team in New York City.

Her passions run the gamut from costume design and immersive theater to the ethics and law in a future with sex robots and Crispr engineered humans. Award-winning social entrepreneur, philanthropist, and filmmaker, whose charities have empowered over 35, young men and women in conflict zones through access to education and enterprise opportunity. Currently establishing a new venture capital impact fund - Gender Equity Development Investments - to create shared value and harness the power of the private sector to accelerate the sustainable development goals.

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Curator, expert, mentor, author. I like to imagine and create programs, cultural trainings to build bridges between the different interlocutors of the contemporary creation, through my platform , a new media of the Art, incubator of ideas and artistic projects. Spencer Wells is a geneticist, anthropologist, author and entrepreneur. For over a decade he was an Explorer-in-Residence at the National Geographic Society and Director of the Genographic Project, which collected and analyzed DNA samples from hundreds of thousands of people around the world in order to decipher how our ancestors populated the planet, in the process launching the consumer genomics industry.

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  • SAS (novel series).
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His work has taken him to more than countries, where he has collaborated with everyone from heads of government and Fortune corporations, to tribal chieftains eking out a precarious living in places as remote as Chad, Tajikistan and Papua New Guinea. He is the founder of Storytek Creative Accelerator - bringing together deep audiovisual sector knowledge, technology and funding with a selection of hand-picked tech entrepreneurs and content creators. Based between Geneva and Paris and working around the globe, Stephane was a pro skier and is always ready for a new adventure. The company is creating representative genomics data and insights from under-explored populations in Asia, Middle East, LatAm and Africa to supplement the existing Caucasian data to apply in therapeutics development, discovery and patient stratification.

He has also served as a consultant with McKinsey and Company. At PICO, Tal leads investments across all software-enabled sectors, serves on several boards and supports portfolio companies on growth trajectory.


Tal has been active in the startup ecosystem helping venture-backed companies scale globally and identify strategic opportunities for almost a decade. Due to her strong passion for education and impacting the next generation of leaders, Tal pursued social-entrepreneurship initiatives. Tal has a B. Tali brings things to life, literally and figuratively from founding a startup to saving the lives of a dying child. Tomas is a art and community instigator a creative and strategic thinker working to be a catalyst for a more inspiring and just world.

Curious about the next curve!

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Focused on technology-driven economic, market and social change, Tracey helps leaders best leverage change for positive impact. The online project of music films on indie-rock band and other famous musicians, like R. M, Tom Jones or Arcade Fire, revolutionized the concept of music video and the way of filming music in the entire world. He has created an AI that helps prevent patients dying in hospital by detecting their deterioration early. He is also applying AI to sextech and working on a microbiome modification service.

He loves science fiction , community and music. Wendy Tahara began classical piano lessons at age seven, eventually earning a performance degree from Indiana University School of Music in Bloomington, IN. Then, in , she discovered an unexpected, profound love for the Celtic harp while going through a sort of spiritual awakening. She discovered kundalini yoga, which placed her on an amazing intuitive spiritual path which continues to guide her to this day. She has a deep passion for creating music which is empathetic and nurturing to the human spirit. She has composed music and performed for the Croatian healing gazer Braco, toured with the artist Ashana, and provided meditation music for The Agape International Spiritual Center for Michael Bernard Beckwith.

Tokyo based impact ecosystem builder, including www. Lives and works in Milan. Taya Media and one of the Owners of those companies. Giniger attended the Executive Program of Harvard Business School and upon his return to Israel in he gave up practicing law to establish Taya Communications, which invests in media and technology companies. United Studios produced over 10' of television and has 8 studios.

Having recently returned to France, she is currently assisting large French, US and Israeli companies in their development. Her passion for high tech and user interface design, her knowledge of software and hardware environments, and her expertise in international businesses and complex projects have benefited the accelerated development of Claranova. As a believer in organic produce and sustainability Christer is working hard every day to promote this throughout his businesses, trying to set an example in the food and service industry infusing quality, thought and love into everything he puts his hands on.

Making money is simply not the point. Solvatten is a smart portable solar powered jerry cans for heating and treating water. Our projects are made to give long lasting help with clean water and improve hygiene to people in need, especially for women and children. With Solvatten technology we can address poverty-related health issues that are connected to energy scarcity and poor water quality. An entrepreneurial management consultant with passion for innovation, sustainability and leadership. A curious soul that wants to make a positive impact on the World!

Ed Cooke is the co-founder of Memrise, a language-learning app with more than 35 million users, and a Grandmaster of Memory who can learn a digit number in an hour. Elisabeth Fullerton is an angel investor, mentor, entrepreneur and philanthropist for her family office and foundation. Harald is passionate about meaning in technology, the future of exponential technologies and its opportunities for society, brands and entrepreneurs — especially in Europe.

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My biggest passion is being an activist in the areas of coexistence, reconciliation, and cultural bridge building. Visioner and initiator of Jordan Project inspired by Burning Man aimed to create a bridge between hearts, between humans from the entire Middle East region, bringing us together through conscious encounters allowing participants to identify a different path of living together in oneness and love, and go through a transformative experience.

In addition, I am a Sema Zen in the Sufi Mevlevi order, leading conciseness workshops around the world. Designer, serial collaborator and house cook. Jamie spent his early career in Japan, China and Hong Kong, practicing law and learning to see. Shifting from designing contacts to designing places, Jamie now designs houses, gardens, hospitality venues and immersive experiences. Animal aficionado, prankster and mastery of ceremonies. Joakim first explored the world through the lens of hospitality, leading Scandinavian groups to Mediteranean, French Alps, and points beyond.

Other ventures included founding a global network marketing company and specialty jewelry design business. Recent Wesleyan University Graduate. Currently living in Brooklyn, New York working as a barista at a small local coffee shop. Interested in writing and studying fiction. Plan on going to graduate school and possibly becoming a Professor. Kelli is a global brand strategist and social impact consultant and founder of The Change Project. Kelli has over 25 years of brand, marketing and development experience with F, non-profit and NGO's. Kelli helps social entrepreneurs build brands at General Assembly and the Founder's Institute in San Francisco, and leads brand, innovation, mission, and transformation workshops all over the world. Sailor, coach, sales guy exploring new ways of using technology for business innovation.