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During the lunch hour, participants frequently eat at one of Gettysburg 's historic inns where, in addition to sampling some extraordinary dining faire, they have the opportunity to hear a presentation by a leading scholar on the leadership challenges of the Civil War period.

Staff rides were developed at Fort Leavenworth as a cost-effective means of training officers to "think their way through" tactical and operational problems by using the terrain and historical context of an actual battle as a forum for sharpening tactical skills, refining intelligence interpretation and logistics planning, and gaining insights into the combat leadership challenges of their predecessors. Originally begun in the 's by a reform-minded General William T. Sherman, staff rides have grown increasingly common in the Department of Defense as an excellent and relatively low-cost officer training method that stimulates professional development, fosters a deeper understanding of the operational art, promotes unit cohesion and camaraderie, and, importantly, contributes to junior officer retention.

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The staff ride is a versatile educational experience. Army organizations include:. Today, many organizations are sending government and corporate leaders and managers on staff rides at Gettysburg and other Civil War battlefields for reasons similar to the U. A carefully designed and implemented staff ride can attain simultaneously all of these objectives and more.

Staff Rides

The staff ride can illuminate many principles or lessons of leadership at any chosen level. Because its mixture of classroom and field study facilitates student involvement, it ensures that any educational benefits are more likely to be retained. Staff Ride Feedback and Evaluation. Are battlefield staff rides worth the effort?

Backroads Staff Ride 2015 ā€“ Tuscany

When it's in your context, you have too many preconceived ideas and barriers; when it's out of your context you see it for what it is. It's a great experience.

US Army Combat Studies Institute Conducts Staff Ride with EWU ROTC Cadets

The Gettysburg battlefield provides an extraordinary classroom for organizational leaders to review lessons of leadership and management in an exciting and interactive venue. Army War College. Back then, commanders and their staff officers would explore historic or future battlefields on horseback, analyzing the terrain and seeking the kind of martial insights that are hard to glean from maps, books, or lectures alone.

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The way the slight rise of a hill can fundamentally alter the dynamics of an engagement. The tradeoffs between a direct assault over a field or a concealed flanking movement behind a treeline. How weapons, troops, and tactics can be helped or hindered by the land itself.

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  6. On a staff ride, these factors can be felt and seen by strategists up-close and in-person. Army officers, and staff rides are even a part of the U.

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    Army War College's official curriculum. Trading horses for muddy boots, a group of 26 ISP students explored the Civil War battlefield at Gettysburg with an eye on the interaction of real-world terrain, military technology, and tactics. The trip also included a visit to the U.