So Shall You Reap

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Man sows the seed to attain what he desires to reap. Even so, man does evil deeds and reaps the fruits of pain. He who does virtuous actions reaps good fruits.

As you sow, so shall you reap... A must watch video...

One reaps the fruits according to his Karmas or actions. How is it that one man is a king, another is a beggar, one is a genius while another is a fool, one man is very wealthy while another is in want, one is always in good health while another is constantly ailing, one is handsome while another is ugly, one man is wicked while another is a saint, one dies at the age of ten while another dies at the age of ninety? Is this due to heredity? Certainly not. The operating cause is Karma. He who has done Tapas, meditation, had Satsanga with Mahatmas, served saints and devotees and lead a life of purity is born as a Yogi or a saint in this birth.

He who had done vicious actions in his previous birth is born as a wicked man.

As You Sow (So Shall You Reap) by Dry My Tears | Free Listening on SoundCloud

He who had done a lot of charity in his previous birth is born as a king. It is only the theory of Karma that can explain things beautifully and satisfactorily. Lord Krishna says: "Whosoever at the end leaves the body, thinking of any being, to that being only does he go, O son of Kunti, because of his constant thought of that being. Avidya ignorance , Kama desire , and Karma selfish action are the three Granthis or knots which bind a man to the wheel of Samsara.

As you sow, so shall you reap

Man first entertains a desire to have a blanket. He says: 'Winter is very severe now. I desire to get a blanket. He now decides to get it from the local departmental store. He takes the money, proceeds to the store and purchases the blanket. He had desire at first. Then the thought made its appearance.

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Then there was Karma or action of moving and purchasing. The three things, viz. Desire and thought are internal acts. Action is external.

A-Z: Common sayings from the Bible: As you sow, so shall you reap

If a man entertains good desires, he gets good thoughts and does good actions. If a man cherishes evil desires, he develops evil thoughts and does evil actions.

It is the thought that develops the character of a man. If one cultivates thoughts of mercy, love, tolerance, generosity and understanding he exhibits these virtues in his character and behaviour towards others in society. The same rule applied to the sowing of seeds in the soil also applies here. The sufferings of some stand as lessons to others. There are some who are paralyzed and confined for life to a wheel-chair; others suffer from incurable diseases losing all charm in life.

go They are reminders that it is just not possible for us to build a world of our own choice in this life. But there is good news for them. On the Day of Judgment their deeds will be accepted by God. They may not have been able to perform great deeds, but their patient and silent suffering will be accepted by God. Patience and willingness to endure what God had destined for them will alone suffice to gain entry into Paradise. The knowledge of this reality is not alien to man. Through different sources, man has come to understand that he cannot build a world of his choice in this life span; that whosoever performs good deeds will be able to find a world of his choice only in Paradise, in the life span after death.

Paradise will be built in the next world, but the heavenly personality that will inhabit Paradise is to be built in this world. What is Paradise? This world a miniscule model, is in a sense, an introduction to Paradise. Paradise is in fact, the perfect version of the present world.

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