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The company dancers move between a series of constructed tableaus using guided frameworks featuring morphing lighting states by Michael Rippon and movement provocations by former WAB dancer David Mack.

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For the most part, the work felt structurally transparent and tentative at the performance viewed, though a brief duet by Dayana Hardy and Juan Carlos Osma found space to captivate with stunning partnering and responsiveness. Eccentric and at times ironic, the suspended fantasy felt bewildering and otherworldly but it was difficult to remain completely absorbed, despite the theatrics. Artistic opinions aside, it was wonderful to see an Australian choreographer, particularly one of such esteem in the programming this year, as well as witnessing the currently rare opportunity for professional West Australian artists in ballet and contemporary disciplines to share the process and the stage together at a Perth Festival event.

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I look forward to future collaborations between these two wonderful companies. Photo: Sergey Pevnev. Duets morph and cascade across the space, with young artist April Maguire notable for her ease and athleticism at the performance viewed. Syncopated canons and unexpected movement pairings, performed in close proximity, build satisfying motifs and repetitions. These give way to soaring leaps around each other, then stop suddenly to form impossible stacked balances.

A wonderful shift in dynamics, this short work highlights the expression, commitment and strength of both men, demanding them to move swiftly between sharp, vigorous gestures and a despairing tenderness. We see a silhouette of two women dressed in long white dresses dipped in colour at the base. A coven of young vampires, a self-described group of terrorists at best. Nicole Maines is in her feature film debut as Laurel, a recent graduate from a small town in Oregon is going down to spend time with her brother Mark James Paxton in Los Angeles. It is a classic small-town girl in the big city moment.

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The first thing that she and Mark do in L. Neither Laurel or Mark is really at home in the club, and as the two of them awkwardly negotiate their way around the bar and dance floor, Laurel meets a young woman, Izzy Zolee Griggs who takes her up to an after-party at a cool warehouse all modern vampire movies need a cool warehouse hideout , which she claims belongs to her and her friends. Laurel is drawn into the whole atmosphere and is seduced by Izzy into a rooftop romance. But of course, Izzy is more than she seems. She is… wait for it… a vampire.

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But before Izzy can finish off her quarry, the charismatic vampire leader, Duke Diana Hopper , intervenes and suggests that Laurel join their vampire squad, if she can survive the night, and then promptly chucks Laurel off the roof. She sleeps for days to recover and then is visited by the full complement of vampire ladies, including wisecracking Roya Friday Chamberlain and the exotic Frog Char Diaz.

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The girls take Laurel back to their hideout to check her vampire fitness. Contemporary vampire films also like to establish the rules, and Bit revels in the rules. Duke spells them out:. Pretty simple, right? And you know. The other thing about contemporary vampire movies is that they wrap themselves in the trappings of clan and legacy. Vampire society, which sets up these rules, sets up the hierarchy and pecking order of the vampires.

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For these ladies, they are currently the top of the food chain, but in order to do so, they had to overcome the Alpha Vampire Lord, Vlad Greg Hill and hide his remains for safekeeping. These ladies have empowered themselves to become enforcers and protectors of both female and vampire kind. They like to prey on peeping toms, abusers, rapists, and the odd bro-vampire hunter they may run across. It is a community where they consolidate their power as protection, because even as powerful as they are, they need each other as protection, and company, and lovers.

Gordon, who formerly worked for the Japan Society in New York and now directs the Asia Society's department of performances, films and lectures, has many tales to tell. There was the time a monsoon delayed her arrival in Purulia, India, and she slept on a mat in a hut until drums woke her at 2 A.

Or her trip to the heights of Lhasa, Tibet, when she walked very slowly, as cautioned, but ignored advice not to laugh or talk - both qualities that seem natural to the impresario, whose enthusiasms break through a cordial reserve. So she blacked out, then had to carry around bags of oxygen while auditioning performers. The Struggle for Authenticity. Speaking in her small office overlooking Park Avenue, Mrs. Gordon cited a pervasive problem: convincing cultural ministers and performers that she wants authentic, classical art, not tourist entertainment; genuine costumes, not glitter.

In Tibet she heard ''La Paloma'' played by a piece orchestra. In Burma, someone crooned with a microphone. They sang ''I love coffee, I love tea'' in Suzhou, China.

And in the Chinese province of Fujian, she saw an anti-smoking puppet show. View all New York Times newsletters. The monkey's pipe kept growing bigger and bigger. They thought, 'Americans would love this. Sometimes she seems to have made her point only to suffer dismay when the performers arrive in this country. Gordon, whose research includes visits to museums and lots of questions to village elders, learned early to find a key person to put her in touch with performers. Detecting probable anachronisms comes with experience, she said. For instance, she saw something amiss in South Korea when a dance that she knew originally represented the instrospective struggles of a Buddhist monk was performed by 50 people.

She spotted another alteration when dancers in Burma formed a boat with their bodies. There she drew on what she knew of China -that ''you might make movements of a boat, rocking side to side, or show water with a long blue scarf, but never something realistic like that.

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Gordon, an only child, moved to Japan with her parents in , when her father, Leo Sirota, played concerts there and stayed on to teach at the Imperial Academy. She attended a German school near Tokyo until Nazi teachers arrived, hardly the place for a Jewish child.