Sacred Places, Vol. 6: Wyoming and Utah

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Rock Art and Sacred Landscapes. Editors view affiliations Donna L. Front Matter Pages i-viii. Introduction to Rock Art and Sacred Places. Donna L. Gillette, Mavis Greer, Michele H. Hayward, William Breen Murray. Pages Spirituality and Chinese Rock Art. Solveig A. Turpin, Herbert H.


Eling Jr. Deer: Sacred and Profane. There are no access restrictions on the use of these materials for research purposes. Use and Copyright. These materials are for use only in the Delaney Southwest Research Library; they are noncirculating. Limited duplication of print materials is allowed for research purposes. The user assumes full responsibility for observing all applicable laws regarding copyright, property rights, and libel.

Center of Southwest Studies.

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Stephanie Harwood arranged and described the remaining series in September-November Student worker, Andrea Bailey, edited and revised the online finding aid in Fall The collection has grown through numerous accessions received from Dr. Gulliford since then. The following 1. Gulliford in January of - Duplicates of flyers, books, and other printed materials - Nine books that are outside of the collecting scope of the Center's Southwest Research Library - About a dozen folders of Gulliford's financial housekeeping records for grant-funded work on tribal preservation, ca.

Kuehne in Winona, MN. Series 1: Sacred Objects and Sacred Places research materials, Includes brochures, newspaper clippings, newsletters, periodicals, and correspondence. The arrangement approximately follows the order of the published book of the same title; each sub-series corresponds to a chapter of the book, for chapters 1 through 5. Sub-series 1. Topics include case studies of tribal museums, including the ancient Mimbres people, Blackfeet and Pawnee medicine bundles, and Apache and Crow objects. Topics include Hopi and Zuni views of land use. Topics include contemporary issues.

Gulliford's work on the book. Alphabetical by name of state. Followed by other files. Series 2: Ute trail research materials, s - This material relates to Dr. Series 3: Pot-hunting in the Southwest research materials, - Gulliford's work in the late s and early s on this topic. Series 4: Storm King fire research materials, circa Includes research files on the wildland firefighter memorials and on the Storm King fire near Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Series 5: Oral history materials , circa Records of oral history interviews conducted by Dr.

The related audiotapes are in series 12 of this collection but are housed with the Center's other audiotapes, by collection number, which is U Andrew Gulliford oral history collection.

Series: Sacred Places: A Comprehensive Guide to LDS Historical Sites

Approximately 50 interviews, of which this collection has 37 folders of paper documentation. Arrangement is alphabetical by name of person interviewed. Series 6: Student research papers on Indian topics , circa Works by students whom Professor Gulliford advised or taught in class. Series 7: Tribes of the United States research materials, circa Arrangement is alphabetical by name of tribe or geographic location.

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Series 8: Hawaii research materials, Series 9: Alaska research materials, Series Native American issues newsletters , circa Arrangement is alphabetical by title. Series Native American and Southwest issues videotapes , circa Series Native American and Southwest issues oral history interview audiotapes , circa Arrangement is by date of interview. Series Advisory board records and printed materials, circa Includes U. Series Camp Bird Mine road records and printed materials, circa Mostly, photocopies, rather than originals. Accession Pertaining to a legal case regarding roads and rights-of-ways in mining areas of Colorado, and in particular Ouray County.

Gulliford has stated that he believes this will be a precedent-setting case in terms of how to apply federal law RS Includes the judge's conclusion in the case: that the road is public and has been since at least Stephanie Harwood summarized his page decision as follows: The court ruled in favor of the defendant, citing that the road in question is indeed a country road rather than a private one.

This decision was made pertaining to the evidence presented by the dependent and the lack of evidence from the plaintiff. The basis of the decision came with the understanding that the road which had originally been a wagon trial was always public. The trail was originally used for the public access of a post office as well as the only way to maneuver in and out of the valley.

This was used since as a public trial, and was eventually converted into a road once the mining companies moved into the valley. Thus by all these factors the road was ruled as public rather than private. The Judge used some questionable defense and support though, and it would be no surprise if this case went on to the Colorado Supreme Court.

Series Miscellaneous materials and ephemera. Series Wounded Knee notes, photographs, manuscripts, and printed materials. Series Andrew Gulliford publications. Printed materials. Arrangement is chronological. Andrew Gulliford Abstract This collection contains the historically significant records resulting from research conducted by Dr.

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Andrew Gulliford while he was preparing several historical works for publication in the s. Graham, Arizona, correspondence by John R. Edited by Paul R. Topics include water and fishing rights, tribal cemetery issues, petroglyphs, Chinook tribal status, Zeschi past chief of the Nisqually Tribe , Celilo longhouse, Lewis and Clark Centennial controversy, casinos on reservations, Warm Springs Reservation and children, the death of Gilbert Sohappy at Chemawa Indian School, Portland State University Native American Center, Native language preservation, grave digging and artifact repatriation, etc. County Exhibits 61 and Thompson vs. Thomas F. Walsh in U. County Exhibit County Exhibits 35 and County Exhibits 52 and County Exhibits 54 through 57 and Bureau of Land Management, Gene R.

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Dollarhide, surveyor, 20 pages, photocopies, and a copy of the survey map. County Exhibit 29 see also Exhibit 1, in oversize flat box. Walter Focha, County Surveyor photocopy. Forest Service 1 item; original. Durango, Colo. Gregory 1 volume; pages; original. David Smith, 3rd edition 1 volume; 96 pages; original.

Sneffels Toll Rd. Spence, by Ronald C. This collection contains the historically significant records resulting from research conducted by Dr. Sacred Objects and Sacred Places preface and acknowledgement letters back to series 1 sub-series list. Human remains vs. Sacred Objects and Sacred Places introduction, notes and articles. Chapter 1: Smithsonian Institution testimony on Indian human remains. Chapter 1: human remains Nebraska, human remains Dickson Mounds, Illinois. Chapter 1: Bieden, Robert historical survey of the expropriation of Indian remains.

National Museum of the Native American Indian customs house, articles. Sacred objects, skeletal remains repatriation and reburial resource guide, Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Repatriation of Indian artifacts at Colorado Historical Society, article. Native Americans and museums, Andrew Gulliford article: correspondence and mailing lists.

Andrew Gulliford article in The Public Historian. Another view on repatriation rebuttal on Clement W. Andrew Gulliford reply. Bones of Contention: article by Dr. Plains Indians, Hopi, Navajo: notes of historical incidents by Dr. Andrew Gulliford. Native American Indian Association of Tennessee, purpose statement and newsletters. Native American Indian Association of Tennessee, purpose statement and newsletters back to series 1 sub-series list.