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Published: September 19, In his historical novel, Requiem for Athens Dr. David Alkek invites his readers to participate in the daily life of Ancient Greece. Words: 69, Published: April 24, A series of murders of prominent citizens rock Dallas. He passed before that could happen, and then the actual positive power of social media kicked in. One woman posted on Facebook about his passing, and the post went viral.

In a month when politics are being particularly putrid, Gwen Graham, the Democratic candidate for governor in Florida, tweeted the following: "Mr. Edward K.

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Pearson served our country. He has no family to attend his funeral.

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We can be his family. CBS had it on their national news as well.

In our mission to connect readers, writers, and books, Caleb and Linda Pirtle has launched a new series featuring writing samples from some of the best authors in the marketplace today. I felt throughout that I was watching through a crack in time — witnessing events as a carefree observer.

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Immersed in the turbulent politics and fratricidal wars of Ancient Greece, Phidias is wounded in battle and joins Aristotle as a student of Plato. A witness to epic battles, bloody assassinations, and twisted conspiracies, he struggles to guide the young conqueror through his personal turmoil. After giving birth to the great library of Alexandria, Phidias with perseverance finally returns to Athens to fulfill his destiny and find a lost love.

This epic tale of love and war, sex and murder deftly captures the setting in Ancient Greece to stunning effect. On the day of the actual ceremony, Philip prepared to enter the theater, crowded with his generals, nobles of both kingdoms, and representatives of many cities.

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  8. He wore a new purple robe embroidered with gold thread. A cleverly crafted heavy gold chain hung from his neck and a new crown set with a large red jewel adorned his brow.

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    He stroked his beard and inhaled the expensive oils that anointed it. Before he started down the covered passageway to the orchestra, he turned and looked around him. Philip walked down the covered walkway and noticed Pausanias. He remembered the guard who would been abused by his fellows and nodded to him. Pausanias bowed his head to the king. He pushed it up to the hilt with all his anger behind it, hoping to reach his heart.

    Gasping and stumbling, Philip fell to his knees coughing blood.