Pearls of Passion: Eine französische Affäre (German Edition)

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Weary of servicing an endless parade of horny, arrogant women. Before he can figure it out, the cruiser makes an unscheduled stop in Newcity airspace. Not good. Then Milla unexpectedly makes him an offer he should refuse. Within minutes of having his dream snatched away, Jarden must decide if life as her field husband on Selcka is a way out—or simply trading one form of servitude for another.

Amidst A Crowd of Stars: a sexy, short science fiction romance tearjerker 3 Jul, A love as a rare—and precious—as a desert rain. Marrin Levy needs a man. Not to have children. Her husband gave her three before he died—along with a failing homestead and crushing debt. What she needs is a strong back to help her wrest a living from the harsh, desert plant of Lujawed. Protect and Serve just took on a whole new meaning. She keeps her head down and her mind on her job, waiting for the proverbial hammer to fall.

The head of the ruling council is out to make those like her illegal.


A routine inspection of a Pleasurebot turns into a strictly forbidden—and mind-blowing—sexual encounter. A secret that could get her fired from R. Or both of them killed.

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Bachelor Number Four 13 Jul, Is the bad boy back to break her heart? Twelve years ago, Arden Walsh let Shane Donner break her heart before she walked away from him for what she thought was forever. Now, widowed too soon and with two young daughters, the last thing Arden has time for is a relationship. But a little hot sex? Yes, please.

After another disaster date leaves more than a bad taste in her mouth, she has to admit it.

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The only man worth black stilettos and red lipstick is the one for whom she once threw caution to the wind, and never since—not even for her husband. Twelve years, and she can still taste the bittersweet memory of Shane Donner.


In a keystroke, a search engine connects the past with the present. As sparks fly from her fingertips to his, she begins to wonder if a screen full of seduction is enough to forge a future. Original Copyright: The bond between mother and child is supposed to be sacred, but what happens when it becomes something else? Some mothers will do anything to for their children…even give or take their lives. Other Formats: Paperback. She had never been more beautiful to him than when she was making him hurt.

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Corinne was young once. For awhile they had something special, but it ended badly. In a flash of anger, she falls back into their old pattern—and Reese falls right in with her. Then tasting him. Her life is complicated enough without throwing in an old romance, no matter how new it feels. Amidst A Crowd of Stars -- When Marrin Levy sends away for a field husband to join her homestead when her husband dies, leaving her with three small daughters, she has no idea that Keane Delacore will become more to her than a contracted partner. Anything You Want -- Milla Sulay is not on the run from her past, but she's nevertheless anxious to put it all behind her with the help of an arousing cruise and the attentions of a series of Pleasurebots built to make every fantasy come true.

Jarden has his own secrets to keep, but they both soon discover he's willing to give Milla what she desperately needs.


Everything Counts -- Elspeth Valerin must learn to harness the innate gifts she carries inside her, or remain alone forever. A Dream Upon Waking-- Noa is a young woman in search of her ahavatera — true love. Riordan de Cimmerian does not fancy himself the man to fulfill her destiny, but Noa is convinced otherwise. When the pair finds their love, forces determined to break them apart rise up in the final story, Trial by Fire.

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