Overcome Procrastination:The Ultimate Guide To Increasing Your Productivity

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Somewhere that faces a wall or a desk that has a surround is perfect if a bit grim. These things are a godsend, particularly during busy and noisy exam periods. Finish a task before starting something new Credit: Warner Bros. It can be really annoying to have small things on your mind that you know you need to do at some point, but haven't quite found the time to complete yet.

But, you have to work out your priorities and focus on getting important things finished before starting another time-consuming task. If there's a little job you need to do that's likely to take less than two or three minutes to complete — like sending a text, putting a wash on, or paying your rent — do it straight away. However, if it's likely to take any longer than a couple of minutes, pop it on a list.

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  • How to Stop Procrastination and Improve Productivity.

Making your way through these mini-tasks will contribute to the feeling that you're really getting stuff done. Read articles related to your studies. Plus, set up some Google alerts for keywords in your area of interest e. Google will then send you email notifications every time something new is published on this topic, meaning you'll keep tabs on all the latest discussions.

Use this as an opportunity to look out for the techniques writers use to keep things concise — this could help with your essay-writing style when you've got a tight word limit. Reading some industry-relevant articles will also get your creative juices flowing and can inform your work. Think of it like going for a run — you'll never perform to your best if you don't do your warm-up stretches before heading out the door.

Tackle the hardest tasks first Credit: Universal Pictures. While it's helpful to do quick, easy tasks early, if you have time and they're important , it's counterproductive if you prioritise them over harder tasks which are actually pretty urgent.

We all know the situation: you start off with a few of the less painful tasks on your to-do list in order to ease yourself into the day, promising yourself you'll start on the more difficult stuff later. Tackling the toughest and least enjoyable tasks first will make your day so much easier however painful it might seem at first. Work in time blocks Credit: Alextype — Shutterstock.

Working in small 'blocks' can be a great way of increasing your productivity levels, as you can assign smaller bite-sized tasks to each block. This links back to the idea of setting yourself easily attainable goals. Rather than just telling yourself, "I have the whole day to write this essay", you're saying, "I have until 1pm to have all my research finished and a plan written up, so I can start writing when I get back from lunch".

Research has shown that we're way more productive the less time we assign ourselves within reason. This is why some companies and some countries! Listen to the right music while studying or none at all. However you work, it's important to be honest with yourself regarding which sort of worker you are. You might not be a fan of classical music, but listening to some Mozart whilst studying can get you in the zone. In fact, research has shown that Mozart has all the right components to improve mental performance — so much so that scientists call it the 'Mozart effect'.

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How to Beat Procrastination and Be More Productive

Or, you may find that music with a strong beat will help you stay alert and motivated while you're working. Try different genres to see which one helps you concentrate on your work most effectively. Be wary of listening to music with lots of lyrics whilst writing. This can be quite distracting, as the next thing you know the lyrics might start worming their way into your someBODY once told me writing. Take screen breaks Credit: tommaso79 — Shutterstock.

By 'break' we really mean break — pull yourself away from your computer and do something totally unrelated for a few minutes. Go for a walk, do some exercise, have a cup of tea and a chat with your flatmate — whatever it takes to help you switch off for a bit. You need to give yourself time to relax throughout the day as it can be easy to forget when you're knee-deep in uni work that you really do have limits you're only human. Taking breaks will help you stay happy and healthy, and avoid burning out. Quality over quantity, and all that. Do some work while commuting to university.

Do you have a long or long-ish journey to uni or work and back again each day? If so, you can still use this time productively, and it doesn't have to be considered a waste of your precious minutes. Your commute is the perfect time to think about ways to develop and improve the assignments you're currently working on.

If anything comes to mind, write it down. Taking notes on your phone using an app like Evernote is handy, as you can then sync it with your computer, meaning any notes you take on the go are transferred. Or you can, of course, just use your commute as your downtime for the day — this in itself is productive too.

Overcome Procrastination:The Ultimate Guide To Increasing Your Productivity

Backup your university work Credit: ABC. All of these productivity tips count for sweet F.

Procrastination - How To Stop Procrastinating

Avoid ever having to go through the pain of losing your hard work by either getting yourself an external hard drive or getting into the habit of working on cloud-based office programs like Google Drive. Avoid social media while studying. Studies have suggested that social media actually does more harm than good during times of high stress for students, due to the tendency to compare ourselves with others. Some students will go as far as temporarily disabling their Facebook during the exam period, but there are other less extreme options you can try. For example, simply disabling push notifications for things like Facebook and WhatsApp will do wonders for your concentration.

Think of all that time wasted when you're checking your phone every few minutes.

I. The Science Behind Procrastination

Then use the Freedom app to temporarily disable websites that are getting in the way of your productivity. It's definitely worth bearing in mind that the way to make this guide work is to try everything out at least once, and figure out what works best for you. Everyone works differently, and whilst one tactic might make you batter away enthusiastically at your keyboard, another might result in you staring into space thinking about what to make for your dinner. Be honest with yourself about what's getting you the best results , and go with it — good luck! Hoping to put your spare time to good use?

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More info. Finance Finance All student finance Parents' guide Student loan calculator Free money cheat sheet. Student grants, bursaries and scholarships. Student Money Survey - Results. It also creates visual reports and automatically sorts your apps into productivity or procrastination time based on predefined categories. For example, Facebook or Twitter are categorized as procrastination.

Word or Photoshop are in the productivity category. RescueTime has even more options than Toggl, so the danger of it becoming a time-wasting toy is even greater.

How to Stop Procrastination and Improve Productivity | Maura Thomas

You have the ability to customize all the categories and apps—when it comes to procrastination, though, I find this to be useless. Keep it simple to get the most use of this tool. The main benefit of RescueTime is identifying your biggest procrastination activities. Another key piece to beginning to beat procrastination is distinguishing between real work and activities that just appear to be work. To define real work , we need a goal. Then we need to break that goal into measurable steps of progress.

The Challenge of Getting Over Procrastination

Every goal can be broken down into small, actionable steps. Say we want to build a house. We can measure the progress by each individual brick we lay.