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Leonard Lawrence Dobkin Leonard Leo Davis Charles Russell Sony Pictures Television.

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Stirling Silliphant. When their attempted hold-up goes awry, two teenagers take refuge at a gun show. While Lt. Muldoon tries to convince an aging ferry boat captain to retire, a meticulously planned armored car hijacking is taking place below deck. Note: the captain's name is "Adam Flint", the same name as Paul Burke 's character when he joins the revamped series in its second season. Stuart Rosenberg.

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Halloran tries to cope with the emotional after effects of killing a man in the line of duty for the first time. A man "fishes" for dropped coins from beneath sidewalk grates in hopes of raising enough money to support an orphan. Halloran goes undercover in a mental ward to find out who killed one of the patients. Was a detective killed running away from thieves instead of confronting them - or is his partner who survived the confrontation lying?

Note: Horace McMahon , who joins the series later in the season as "Lt. Parker" appears in this episode as the head of an anti-theft squad; in the closing credits his character's name is simply "Chief". William Beaudine. When a teenager is killed by a rival gang, his friends debate whether to "rumble" with their rivals - or simply murder one of them in revenge.

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A thief poses as a milkman to ransack the apartments of the real milkman's customers while they are on vacation. Notable location: Belvedere Castle in Central Park. A gangland assassination in a barber shop leads to the fiancee of the gangster who ordered the hit - and a showdown between Halloran and the gangsters in an isolated lighthouse. A disturbed young man is compelled to kill attractive but handicapped women in order to "be somebody" — but the police refuse to believe him when he tries to confess. A tough construction magnate with underworld connections refuses to cooperate with the police when an extortionist threatens his life.

A young woman overhears a murder on her newly installed telephone; the detectives don't believe her story--but the killer does. The detectives cross paths with a variety of oddball characters on Christmas Eve - and a pair of dangerous hold-up men. Jesse Lasky Jr. The ne'er-do-well husband of the daughter of a wealthy man plants a bomb on her father's yacht when he threatens to disown them.

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The embittered son of a humble sewer worker plans a heist using those same sewers as a getaway route. A meek man seeks vengeance against the bookmaker who brutalized his fiancee.

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A quiet neighbor of Detective Halloran and his wife embarks on an inexplicable killing spree. Notable location: Coney Island , including Steeplechase Park. Circumstantial evidence makes a harmless Bowery derelict appear a murderer, while the actual killer goes undetected - at first Shot at night mostly around the Bowery just south of Houston St. Filmed inside Sammy's On The Bowery no.

THE FIRST 100 YEARS 1893–1993

A son wants to follow in his policeman father's footsteps, but refuses to accept the fact he's not up to the task. When the woman with whom he was having an illicit affair is murdered, a mild-mannered married man seeks the real killer. Halloran goes undercover at a tough high school to find a teacher's killer. An embittered man plans to detonate a bomb along the route of an Olympic hero's ticker tape parade. Bootleggers running an illicit still on a deserted beach resort in mid-winter resort to violence to protect their operation. When the innocent son of a cruel dictator comes to New York he is targeted by revolutionaries from his home country.

A bellboy tries to protect his idol - a washed-up former football star - when the man is involved in an accidental death at a rigged poker game. Halloran tries to prove a man was unjustly convicted of the hit and run death of a child--but the man refuses to accept his help. George Sherman. An emotionless hit man comes out of retirement for one last job to kill a gangster about to testify against the mob--then takes Det.

Halloran hostage. A scrubwoman robs a bank to buy herself the "dignity" she feels the world has denied her. When a soldier returns home and discovers his kid sister has fallen in with a shoplifting ring, he confronts the ringleader in the criminal's lair. This episode was intended to serve as a backdoor pilot for what would eventually develop into the TV series Route 66 , which began its run in the fall of Robert Morris, intended to be the series' co-lead alongside Maharis, died in May When a punch-drunk former boxer disposes of a body for a gangster to finance his comeback, he accidentally kills a policeman in the process.

The investigation into the murder of a private eye reveals his corrupt values and leads to an unexpected killer. A getaway driver past his prime panics when a hold-up goes wrong.

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A pair of suspect-tracking bloodhounds wind up in the detectives' custody. A high-powered entertainment executive who has made many enemies begins receiving death threats. A man seemingly kills his son-in-law to protect his criminal activities - but the body in the morgue belongs to someone else. A gambler takes advantage of a boxer in need of money and encourages him to take on a bout that might kill him. Halloran tries to convince the woman whose fraudulent testimony is about have a man executed to recant. A corrupt police detective blackmails people who have committed crimes to help him pull off a big heist.

When his young runaway daughter returns 15 years later a grown woman, her alcoholic father discovers she's now involved with gangsters. The detectives try to discover who killed a playboy with a long list of conquests and his latest girlfriend. Charles Beaumont. An embittered man resorts to increasingly dangerous and bizarre methods - including an amusement park house of horrors - to prove a neighbor caused the fire that killed his wife and child.

Note: the legendary Wilhelm Scream is heard at appx into the episode. A Wall Street executive tries to hide the fact he witnessed a murder in a gambling parlor and was wounded by a stray bullet. Lamont Johnson.

Sloan Nibley , Leonard Praskins. A disturbed young murders policemen to get "revenge" against his deceased war hero father he believes abandoned him. William Riley Burnett. A gambler tries to stonewall the police when a player is murdered at his high-stakes poker game - while dealing with the woman who's arrived from his homeland for an arranged marriage. When the daughter of a mobster kills a man attacking her, her controlling mother claims to have committed the crime,. Howard Rodman. A successful, uncultured man discovers his trophy wife is selling the expensive jewelry he is giving her and wearing substitutes in their place. Flint is accused of cowardice when he refrains from pulling his gun on robbers to protect bystanders. A teenager is shocked to discover his beloved dad is a gangland assassin. Elliot Silverstein. A celebrated painter who has been locked away in a mental asylum tries to reclaim his identity.

David Lowell Rich. In the shadow of Yankee Stadium a desperate criminal holds his aunt and her neighbors hostage as the police close in. The deliberate electrocution of a wiretapper eavesdropping on phone conversations by his partner reveals a tangled web of romantic obsession and corporate espionage.