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Theresa May had already agreed that three million EU nationals living in the UK can remain for life - if they apply for settled status. Previously Brexit Home Office minister Brandon Lewis later added that there would be a "presumption in favour" of approving applications, with people hearing in two weeks.

Proportion of low-paid workers in Britain at lowest level on record | UK news | The Guardian

Those given "settled status" with have "broadly the same rights" as British citizens. Irish citizens will not have their rights affected by Brexit and will always be able to live and work in Britain freely. And I know that member states value equally UK nationals living in their communities.

EU citizens will still be able to travel to and live in Britain after Brexit under new immigration plans , it has been reported. But a system of permits will limit the number of working migrants under the Home Office proposals.

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After this date, EU workers moving to the UK will have to register until a permanent post-Brexit immigration policy is put in place. In September, a leaked Home Office paper revealed the UK plans to cap the number of low-skilled EU migrants - appearing to confirm an end to free movement after Brexit.

The estimated figure of 3. This means that if freedom of movement were to end tomorrow, or in two months, there would be no way for the British government to distinguish between the EU nationals who are eligible to stay in the country and those who have newly arrived.

Planning a move to Britain? Here’s everything you need to know

According to the British government, just as they do now. Apart from the bureaucratic nightmare this sudden shift would cause, there are legal limitations, he said.

Implementing a new immigration system that omits freedom of movement would require legislation. Efforts to implement it through so-called secondary legislation, which would not require parliamentary approval, would almost certainly be subject to legal challenges.

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But perhaps the biggest challenge facing the government is time. We want to hear what you think about this article. Submit a letter to the editor or write to letters theatlantic.