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You brought up a good point about so many of characters of late being instantly attracted to one another-so true!

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I think I will enjoy a more drawn out gradual relationship. I really like Poe so I think I will plan on reading it when it is released plus your mostly positive review helped convince me. I have to agree about that awful cover! Seriously, just ask Ana! Sean — Hey, man.

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Because, seriously? If I limited what I read based on cover art, my bookshelf would be a very lonely, underpopulated place. Yes, the cover is pretty bad, I agree. All I have left to say to any lurkers and potential commenters — PLEASE, please, please do not make a snap judgement about this book because of its cover. As someone that is: 1. I urge everyone to give the book a fair shot before condemning it because of its cheesy cover. The result is a bit disjointed —. Oh, by the way, gotta say I like the cover. Is it the guy that looks ridiculous to yall?

In all seriousness now, more than one Goth guy at my high school looked like him. None of this love-at-first-sight stuff. He reminds me so much of Todd from Wedding Crashers , I want to giggle every time I look at the cover. Ooh nice, I like the sound of this romance. I love new interpretations of his stuff.

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Time to get back into the loop methinks. I just read the book and am equally in love with it. The author carried me through the story with barely enough room to breathe. I especially loved the last scene, which I will not divulge, and await the next book with bated breath. I am in the process of reading the book and I honestly am having trouble putting it down. And I disagree with some of the comments above me. I love the cover! Love this book!

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The story is crafted in such a way that it leaves you wanting more the second you put it down. Personally, Im not burned out on YA books. Why would I be? I seldom read them. Actually, I liked Twilight, and I only read it because so many snobbish things were being said about it. I think in reality people are instantly attracted to each other.

I have never seen it go any other way. As for too many themes.. With most good authors who have honed their craft, a lot going on is great. Think of Stephen King stories, and tell me how many themes there are! Never less then twenty. This book looks great. The only book like that I found is Twilight! I am absolutely fed up with snarky girls who diss a guy they feel attracted to. Worse yet they play hard to get like they were twelve years old, and make the poor bastard prove his affection by running after them on every page.

This is especially true in paranormal romances where the women blame vampires for being vampires, blame werewolves for being werewolves, and just in general blame the guy for the fact that things are getting dangerous or unpleasant, and cry and cringe about how they just want to be normal. How mean do you have to be to blame someone for being who they are? How cowardly do you have to be to blow up at the people helping you because you are afraid? So if you know of books were the heroine is polite and treats the guy lovingly throughout the story, Id love to read it.

Please tell me about it. I loved this book. There was something about his character that just… drew me in? I love to read that kind of thing.

new beginnings.

I have to admit… this book made me cry at the end. It made his character seem so real — so alive.

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And I actually like the front cover. It challenges stereotypes by putting a goth dude with a blonde chick on the cover. I would recommend this book to anyone. I loved it. Let me first say the the cover is what peaked my interest. I also agree with the comment above about not being burned out on YA romance, though this one is different form the typical ones. I strongly reccomend that people give this book a try.

Great review, though. Her writing was entirely different from what i was used to. On the 27th July I played my first ever gig in the Netherlands at Terrasmus which is in Erasmus park just outside of the heart of Amsterdam. On the 28th July I played my second gig in Amsterdam at Hannekes Boom which was near enough in the heart of the action, but just far enough out to avoid being a tourist hot-spot and more a bar and eatery loved by the locals.

It was right on the canal and served a mean beer! This takes me to my final gig of the tour on August 1st which was a cracking evening at Forest Arts Centre, New Milton. This is a well attended local arts centre which had a lovely appreciative audience that hung on every word you said.


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It makes me smile to see these arts centres so well used and appreciated by the community. So that concludes my July tour. I am super excited to announce that my new E. If you would like a hard copy of the E.

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P, please email — isobelthatcher gmail. For those of you coming to my E. P Launch tonight in Fovant there will be E. After my first session in Denmark, I spent time with my brother Dom in the studio, who recorded some fantastic parts for On My Own. I also headed back out to Denmark to record all of the vocals and backing vocals for the EP and also help Mike with mixing and production, getting it ready for release!

During my time in denmark in November, I played my first ever international gig! This took place at Rampelyset in Silkeborg a great little music venue with a really supportive and attentive audience — it also had a rather good Mexican restaurant below it musicians need fuel! Mike Wedgwood joined me on bass on a few numbers as well — what a great gig that was!

The EP will be released on August 21, - Published on Amazon.

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Verified Purchase. Genius, visionary designers whose work continues to frame what is with what was. Such a charming personal story, too.