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For example, several studies investigating the perceptual and cognitive abilities that distinguish groups of children with and without DD failed to provide explicit links with the reading process. Thus, several areas of investigation e.

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Furthermore, much research has neglected the possible contribution of comorbid symptoms. By contrast, it is now well established that developmental disorders present a large spectrum of homotopic and heterotopic co-morbidities that make causal interpretations problematic. This has led to the idea that the etiology of learning difficulties is multifactorial, thus challenging the traditional models of DD.

Recent genetic studies provide information on the multiple risk factors that contribute to the genesis of the disturbance. Another critical issue in DD is that much of the research has been conducted in English-speaking individuals. However, English is a highly irregular orthography and doubts have been raised on the appropriateness of automatically extending interpretations based on English to other more regular orthographies.

By contrast, important information can be gotten from systematic comparisons across languages.

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Thus, the distinction between regular and irregular orthographies is another potentially fruitful area of investigation. Overall, in spite of much research current interpretations seem unable to integrate all available findings.

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Some proposals focus on the cognitive description of the reading profile and explicitly ignore the distal causes of the disturbance. Others propose visual, acoustic or phonological mech-anisms but fail to link them to the pattern of reading impairment present in different children.

The present Research Topic brings together studies based on different methodological approaches i. The RT does not focus on a single model or theory of dyslexia but rather brings together different approaches and ideas which we feel are fruitful for a deeper understanding developmental dyslexia.

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Frontiers E-books Amazon. Pierluigi Zoccolotti , Peter F.

Visual word learning in adults with dyslexia. Influence of contextsensitive rules on the formation of orthographic representations in spanish dyslexic children. Tracking orthographic learning in children with different profiles of reading difficulty.

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The contribution of discretetrial naming and visual recognition to rapid automatized naming deficits of dyslexic children with and without a history o Further, findings of the study demonstrate that attraction, accessibility, accommodation and ancillary service attributes significantly contribute to cognitive image, unique image and tourist satisfaction, while they insignificantly contribute to affective image.

Furthermore, the study also confined the significant influence of destination image on destination loyalty.

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By understanding the quality of destination attributes and their impact direct and indirect on destination image, various risk perceptions among tourists were associated with Ladakh destination. Destination marketing organisations DMOs can design appropriate various marketing strategies to increase the level of tourist satisfaction and to build long-lasting destination image and destination loyalty. Keywords : destination attributes; destination image; destination loyalty; perceived risk; tourist satisfaction.