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But a log-in is still required for our PDFs. Skip to main content. Mr Ding has cerebral palsy, after a birth complication during which he nearly suffocated.

Mr Ding's mother would support him by sending him for rehabilitation and even teaching him life skills herself, after her husband divorced her. Mr Ding graduated with a degree in environmental science from Peking University's school of engineering in , and was accepted to Harvard Law School in Toh Wen Li. Brown"I loved just about every minute of this story.

Robert Trivers is a living legend in biology and the social sciences, a man the Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker calls ''one of the great thinkers in the history of Western thought" and Time magazine named one of the greatest scientists and thinkers of the 20th Century. His theories on the evolutionary tensions between parent and offspring, sibling and sibling, man and woman, friend and frie Is philosophy obsolete?

Are the ancient questions still relevant in the age of cosmology and neuroscience, not to mention crowd-sourcing and cable news? At the origin of Her prodigiou Renee's problem, according to her best friend, is that she thinks "the male sexual organ is the brain. Reedsy is a community of top publishing professionals. Editor of over books including Nobel-laureate Mo Yan's book Pow! Experienced commissioning editor, enthusiastic about literary fiction and narrative non-fiction.

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Symphony no. Harmondsworth: Penguin. Haurant, S. The Guardian , 29 July, p.

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The Independent, Picking up the bills. The Independent , 4 June, p.

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Page numbers and column letters can only be included if you are referencing a printed newspaper article or PDF equivalent. With online-only newspaper articles, please adapt the above format by referring to our advice on referencing online documents. To find this advice, click the 'write a reference' tab in this guide. Originator [i. Title of patent. Series designation which may include full date. Phillipp Morris Inc. Optical perforating apparatus and system. European patent application A1.

click here Preprints are electronic articles that are yet to be formally published e. The University of Bath's Research Portal is an example of a digital repository. Place of publication: Publisher if stated. Shah, I. How should central banks respond to non-neutral inflation expectations? Author, Year.

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Report or working paper number, if given. BRE, Designing quality buildings: a BRE guide. Report Bracknell: BRE. Standards issuing body, year published. Standard number and Title. BSI, BS Recommendations for citing and referencing published material.

London: BSI. ASTM, Moran, C. Chakrabarti, V. Series title: Episode number, Title of episode , Year. Transmitting organisation and channel, full date. Time of transmission. BBC2, 23 August. The Archers , BBC Radio 4, 23 August. Designation type. Name of institution. Burrell, J. The importance of school tours in education.

Thesis M. Interviews can include interviews that you have conducted yourself. If you make use of unpublished written material , you can follow the reference examples below. If you want to refer to personal communications in your writing, you do not need to include a reference to them as there is effectively nothing to reference. All you can do is cite them in your text. You can find more information on how to cite personal communications under section 12 of the 'Write a citation' tab.

Harris, G. Focus group recommendations: internal task group report. Hadley, S. Biomechanics: introductory reading, BM sport biomechanics. University of Bath. Thomas, D.

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