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How to Become a Better Person

Connect with us. Share Tweet. It was tough.

Dealing with anger can be a harrowing experience for sure. But I made a commitment to change of late. Stop thinking the world should work the way you think it should We get angry when we feel people should be nice or act a certain, logical manner. We also get angry when we think we should have gotten over it by now.

Our mind says one thing, but reality always says otherwise. Stop thinking that anger is a bad thing Surprise! But yes, anger cannot sustain you. That is why you need to live life and harness other emotions. Google it yourself then.

A No BS Guide to Finding and Living Your Own Truth

Anger, when used too much, can be a habit, and even an addiction. Stop reacting.

The Cycle of Turbulence.

Let it pass instead. Why do you think people like to say that ignorance is bliss?

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I get it man. Anger is tough.

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You can be the master of your emotions one day. Related Topics: abuse alden tan Anger anger management angry bad habits balance eliminate world anger Emotions Life Life Advice negative thinking negative thoughts Positive remove negativity violence world anger. Alden Tan. You may like. Sanj Jul 30, at am.

Rose Costas Feb 23, at am. Tara Meyer-Robson Feb 20, at pm.

Anger management

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Published 6 days ago on Nov 5, By Layla Ashraf. Continue Reading. Published 1 week ago on Nov 3, By Linda Smith. Published 2 weeks ago on Oct 28, By Mike Blankenship. But at work, these types of behavior could seriously harm your professional reputation, as well as your productivity. Stressful situations are all too common in a workplace that's facing budget cuts, staff layoffs, and department changes. It may become harder and harder to manage your emotions under these circumstances, but it's even more important for you to do so.

After all, if management is forced into making more layoffs, they may choose to keep those who can handle their emotions, and work well under pressure. As the above quote shows, no matter what the situation is, you're always free to choose how you react to it. So, how can you become better at handling your emotions, and "choosing" your reactions to bad situations? In this article, we look at the most common negative emotions experienced in the workplace — and how you can manage them productively. Why are we focusing only on negative emotions?

Well, most people don't need strategies for managing their positive emotions. After all, feelings of joy, excitement, compassion, or optimism usually don't affect others in a negative way. As long as you share positive emotions constructively and professionally, they're great to have in the workplace! According to Fisher's research, the most common negative emotions experienced in the workplace are as follows:. School of Business Discussion Paper; No. Fisher and the School of Business, Bond University. Below are different strategies you can use to help you deal with each of these negative emotions.

Frustration usually occurs when you feel stuck or trapped, or unable to move forward in some way. It could be caused by a colleague blocking your favorite project, a boss who is too disorganized to get to your meeting on time, or simply being on hold on the phone for a long time. You can learn another career skills, like this, by joining the Mind Tools Club.

Fear of anger and avoidance of conflict

Whatever the reason, it's important to deal with feelings of frustration quickly, because they can easily lead to more negative emotions, such as anger. With all the fear and anxiety that comes with increasing numbers of layoffs, it's no wonder that many people worry about their jobs. But this worry can easily get out of control, if you allow it, and this can impact not only your mental health, but also your productivity, and your willingness to take risks at work.

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