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Walking in Circles, now.

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Wandern jetzt in Kreisen. Do not disturb. Scream in silence. Everyone's sleeping. We're living inside of our mouths. Afraid someone just might. Hear what we're thinking. Careful of what you might say. Cause they'll put you away. Walking in circles. Alone in a world Walking in circles, now. Alleine in einer Welt Wandere jetzt in Kreisen.

With millions of souls Walking in circles, now. Walking in circles Walking in circles, now. Wandere in Kreisen Wandere in Kreisen.

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  4. Alone in a world Walking in circles. With millions of souls Walking in circles. Walking in circles, now.

    Wir haben eine Ente gefangen - Summer Cross Days - German Riders

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    Last edit by Nuwan Udara. Synced by Nadeera Thilakarathne. Translated by Jonathan Martinez. Edit translation. Desperate for a solution, he seeks the advice of her friend, Barbara.

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    While telling her about his trip with Julia to the North Sea, the problem suddenly dawns on him. Click here to refresh the feed. Harry has to rethink his approach if he wants to persuade Julia to listen to him. He buys her a beautiful bouquet of flowers and pays her a visit.

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    This new strategy seems to do the trick - but only for a brief moment. It couldn't get any worse. Harry gets caught eavesdropping, dashing all his hopes of clearing the air with Julia. At least the apartment complex caretaker offers a shoulder for him to cry on. Harry eavesdrops on a conversation between Julia and her friend, Barbara. Choking back her tears, Julia describes how nice he was when they first met. Even Harry is shocked to hear how much he has changed since then. The oracle's words have given Harry pause for thought. He thinks about the mistakes he's made and goes to Hamburg full of good intentions.

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    There he hopes to see Julia and make up with her, but she'll have none of it. Anna was finally able to leave the time warp. Harry, on the other hand, still has to find his own way out. He visits the oracle again. This time he really makes an earnest effort - unfortunately once again to no avail. Anna forgave her mother for giving her up for adoption when she was an infant. Now she's prepared to leave the time warp, but bidding farewell to Harry isn't easy.

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    Could this be their last goodbye? Harry escorts Anna to the old age home where her mother works. The two women meet behind closed doors, so Harry tries to eavesdrop. But then one of the elderly residents demands his full attention. As it turns out, Jakob the janitor is the guardian of the oracle! Anna and Harry want him to explain the mystery of it, but first he tells them how he came to be in the time warp. Harry has finally found the entrance to the oracle at the Delphi disco. Jakob reveals himself to be the guardian of the oracle and offers Harry and Anna his help. Never before were they this close to solving the riddle! Harry and Anna are certain that they haven't yet found the oracle that Anderson talked about.

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    They decide to investigate the Delphi club again more closely. While looking around, Harry makes an interesting discovery. Finally there's a glimmer of hope for Anna and Harry. Maybe the mysterious oracle is hidden somewhere at the Delphi disco.