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Stairway access provisions

Doors must not block access or themselves be blocked. Handrails: Handrails shall be provided on both sides of accessible stairs and steps, including landings. Minimum width between handrails on stairs shall be mm. Handrails shall be continuous, with no obstructions to the movement of the hand along their length.

Handrails shall not have projecting ends that will create a hazard. The height of a handrail above the nosings of the tread shall be between mm and mm.

Handrails shall not project into any other path of travel except when a centre handrail projects into a landing by the distance of the stair going. Handrails shall be securely fixed and rigid. A handrail shall be able to support a weight of kg at any point.

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The clear space between a handrail and the adjacent wall surface shall be 50—60mm at the sides and mm above. There are many factors to consider.

If you need help, contact us at Monkeytoe: we can help you from planning and design to manufacture and installation. Home News Fire stair specification requirements.

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Fire stair specification requirements. Fire stair compliance is governed by two main code sections: B Stability, and D Access. Fire stairs need to provide safe egress from the building in the event of a fire or other emergency, and they must meet a number of criteria to be compliant. These can vary depending on the use of the building and density of occupancy.

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Download Now. Complete your file download. We have recently supplied customers with fully galvanised staircsase and access landings within 10 working days. We will also try and assist our clients overcoming panic situations and if our installation teams are available we can also carry out site installation at short notice.

Steel Fire Escape Stairs

Our spiral fire escapes are constructed from steel with a range of handrail, balustrade and tread options to suit either indoor or outdoor use. Where a more traditional style of fire escape is required, our cast iron staircase range can also be used in either a straight or spiral design. The modular design used for the standard Albion Design Staircase range allows a fire escape to be constructed quickly and cost effectively to virtually any height with the inclusion of intermediate landing areas.

Components can be carried through single doorways allowing manual staircase construction in restricted locations without the need for craneage or other lifting equipment. Our technical and design team are on hand to advise on all aspects of the Building Regulation and British Safety standards relating to Fire Escapes.

Fire Stairs Need Accessible Features Too! But Why? – Disability Access Consultants

Bespoke landings and balcony platform areas can be commissioned so the fire escape is situated away from a building allowing access walkway underneath. All fire escapes are available rising clockwise or anti-clockwise and can have various baluster options provided to ensure compliance with the maximum gap allowed by building regulations of mm where children under 5 may use the stair. All external fire escapes are Hot Dip Galvanised to BS EN ISO providing long lasting protection against corrosion, and internal fire escapes are primer painted, ready for on site finishing by the customer.

If required staircases can be provided with a primer painted finish or powder coated in a range of colours to complement virtually any building design.