Call of Honor (The Magic Man)

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Enquire Now. Will wanders around the Wegmans in Elmira, not entirely aware of where his feet are taking him. The people bustling about around him grabbing things from food-stocked shelves are blurs as his mind whirls. How had it come to this?

Macmillan: Series: The Magic Man

Sure, he could reduce the upfront price for people. And he knew to target those who looked wealthy, those who had nice-looking cars in the driveway. And he was working on commission. For a while now, Will had been considering quitting. He felt that he needed to do something else with his life.

Will is intrigued. He buys the book and sits down to read it when he gets home. What he sees impresses him. Being an entrepreneur. Running your own business. Incorporating your passions into your craft. And as he reads, the broad brushstrokes of an idea form. Rather than being a fun way to pass the time, magic will become his career, his source of income.

Invigorated, he begins going door-to-door with his magic act. But to his surprise and dismay, the welcomes he receives are frosty. Sure, some people enjoy the magic and give him a few bucks, but many are hesitant when he knocks on their door, suspicious of him and his motives.

A few times, he is even pulled over by the police. He needs more than that. It was the Department of Social Services, calling to inform Will and his girlfriend of four years that in order to receive full aid for her and the kids in the form of welfare, she and Will have to live in separate houses. The system was forcing him away from his family. The DSS intervention eventually spells the death of his relationship with his girlfriend. His thoughts turn to the last place he felt truly secure.

He can come back and visit whenever he wants. Another idea emerges, too. What if Ithaca is a better place for his magic show? That summer, he takes the leap, packing his bags and moving to Ithaca. Will takes his time moving through the aisles of the Ithaca Walmart, pausing occasionally to examine a product.

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Plus his idea of walking around stores that stay open 24 hours is working out nicely. But as summer turns into fall, Will tires of not having a place of his own, and he finds an advertisement for an apartment that he just might be able to afford. He retreats back to his Commons-Walmart continuum. After a few months, though, he catches a break.

He meets one of the people who run Second Wind Cottages, a provider of housing for homeless men, after a friend mentions the group to him. They have an application, and he fills it out.

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Will stays there for almost four years, continuing his magic show on The Commons all the while. Eventually, Second Wind points him toward the charitable group Tompkins Community Action, which agrees to pay a portion of his housing costs.

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With a place of his own, he can focus on magic. Will, dressed in a dark brown suit, takes a deep breath.

The Magic Man Series

And the Left … wellllll, the Left is always on the wrong side of history. As he speaks, trumpet music — the kind played in old-timey movies when the heroes come back victorious from war — sounds in the background, occasionally so loud that it eclipses his words. Because the emails that… that were released.

And now… and now everything is kind of falling apart for… for Hillary because her lies are getting out there. Despite the stutters and pauses, Will is confident. But after he kept seeing a bunch of liberal TV shows spewing garbage, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

The Magic Man Series

He remembers once, after he read an article in The Ithacan back in about a college student who tried the drug salvia to get an out-of-body experience, he commented on his show that if she wanted an out-of-body experience, she might as well have killed herself. Of course, someone took the comment the wrong way. Typical liberals — so quick to jump to conclusions. They thought he was advocating suicide.

But of course, all he was doing was making an analogy. No matter what anyone else says, Will views his show as a service. The left needs to be counteracted and challenged with facts and accurate reporting. The Republican Party freed the slaves. The Ku Klux Klan was founded by Democrats. Growing up, he was always traditional, as was his dad, whose favorite president was Ronald Reagan. And being born in , Will was raised in the Republican stronghold years of the s.


In the s, he supported independent candidate Ross Perot, who ran on a platform of fiscal conservatism, economic nationalism and law-and-order policing. As the years went by, though, Will realized that his independent status and support of third-party candidates was preventing him from having any real voice in the political system. It comes with body carved out of L stainless steel and plastic which is just 9. It is 5ATM certified as well. There's also NFC, hear-rate and blood pressure monitoring on-board the smartwatch.

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