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The story changed continually, but certain themes remained constant: the love between the Spirit and Dolan's feisty protofeminist daughter Ellen; the annual " Christmas Spirit" stories; and the Octopus a psychopathic criminal mastermind who was never seen, except for his distinctive gloves. The character's name is a racial pun , and his facial features, including large white eyes and thick pinkish lips, are typical of racial blackface caricatures popular throughout the " Jim Crow " era. Eisner later admitted to consciously stereotyping the character, but said he tried to do so with "responsibility", and argued that "at the time humor consisted in our society of bad English and physical difference in identity".

Ebony debuted as a resourceful taxi driver in the first Spirit Section. He became a mainstay of the strip and a principal member of the Spirit's supporting cast until Eisner phased him out of the narrative in mid and replaced him with another assistant, a Caucasian boy named Sammy. Ebony's last "starring" role in a Spirit story a semi-regular event in which he was the focus of the story rather than The Spirit himself was "Young Dr. Ebony", published on May 29, Sammy first appeared in "The Ballgame", published July 31, , part of a six-episode arc set in the South Seas, in which Ebony does not appear.

Ebony makes two wordless, one-panel appearances in the next two installments, "The Candidate" and "White Cloud" August 21 and 28, before making his final appearance in five panels of "Lurid Love" September 18, After this and apart from one final mention of his name in the text-based splash page of "The Inner Voice", published November 6, , Ebony left the strip without fanfare or explanation, and Sammy functioned as the Spirit's assistant for the strip's final three years.

In an accompanying feature article in issue of the New York Herald Tribune , Eisner's former office manager Marilyn Mercer wrote, "Ebony never drew criticism from Negro groups in fact, Eisner was commended by some for using him , perhaps because, although his speech pattern was early Minstrel Show , he himself derived from another literary tradition: he was a combination of Tom Sawyer and Penrod , with a touch of Horatio Alger hero, and color didn't really come into it".

Several Spirit stories, such as the first appearance of Sand Saref, were retooled from a failed publishing venture featuring an eyepatched , pipe-smoking detective named John Law. Law and his shoeshine-boy sidekick, Nubbin, starred in several adventures planned for a new comics series. These completed adventures were eventually adapted into Spirit stories, with John Law's eyepatch being changed to the Spirit's mask, and Nubbin redrawn as Willum Waif or other Spirit supporting characters. Like most artists working in newspaper comic strips, Eisner after a time employed a studio of assistants who, on any given week's story, might draw or simply ink backgrounds, ink parts of Eisner's main characters such as clothing or shoes , or as eventually occurred, ghost-draw the strip entirely.

Eisner also eventually used ghostwriters, generally in collaboration with him. Jules Feiffer , who began as an art assistant circa and later became the primary writer through the strip's end in , recalled, "When I first worked for Will there was John Spranger , who was his penciler and a wonderful draftsman; better than Will. There was Sam Rosen , the lettering man. Jerry Grandenetti came a little after me and did backgrounds, and Jerry had some architectural background.

His drawing was stiff but loosened up after a while, but he drew backgrounds and inked them beautifully. And Abe Kanegson , who was my best friend in the office, was a jack-of-all-trades but mostly did lettering and backgrounds after Jerry left. Abe was a mentor to me. Eisner's studio also included: [9] [18] [19].

Enrichment activities? Arts, creativity and spirituality in criminal justice systems

Harvey Comics reprinted several Spirit stories in two giant-size, cent comic books published October and March , each with new Eisner covers. The first of these two page issues opened with a new seven-page retelling of the Spirit's origin by writer-penciler-inker Eisner with inking assist by Chuck Kramer. Seven — Spirit stories were reprinted. The second issue opened with a new seven-page story by writer-artist Eisner, "Octopus: The Life Story of the King of Crime," giving the heretofore unrevealed origin of the Spirit's nemesis The Octopus, as well as his given name Zitzbath Zark.

Reprinted were seven —50 Spirit stories. From onward Denis Kitchen 's Kitchen Sink Press and James Warren 's Warren Publishing published extensive Spirit reprints, first as large black-and-white magazines the Warren part of the run eventually having a color section , then as trade paperbacks. The magazines often featured new Eisner covers.

The first ongoing series, started by Warren and picked up by Kitchen Sink, ran 41 issues from — Eisner produced two new stories during this period: "The Capistrano Jewels", a four-page story published in the second issue of the Kitchen Sink reprints in ; [20] and "The Invader", a five-page story in a one-shot Spirit publication Eisner created for his lecture at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario , Canada in The Spirit plays the EC host , introducing "true" stories of haunted houses.

The series featured color stories in its first 11 issues, but switched to black-and-white from issue 12 on. Lansdale and Paul Pope. In the mids, DC Comics began reprinting The Spirit chronologically in the company's hardcover Archive series, in an approximately 8xinch format, smaller than the Kitchen Sink and Warren publications. This 6-page story featured a crossover between The Spirit and the book's lead character The Escapist. Bone introduced the Spirit into the DC Universe. The first issue of the ongoing series The Spirit , written and pencilled by Cooke and inked by J.

Bone, debuted the following month. The series updated some concepts, with Ellen's Internet skills helping to solve a case, and Ebony White stripped of his racial stereotype characteristics. The team of Mark Evanier and Sergio Aragones became the series' regular writers beginning with issue 14 March , with Mike Ploog and later Paul Smith providing the artwork. The four issues were collected in a hardcover graphic novel. From October to March , there was also a black-and-white daily newspaper comic strip of The Spirit.

These were later reprinted in several collections. Reprints of the Spirit's adventures ran in Quality Comics and Fiction House publications shortly after their newspaper debuts. In early , the Spirit returned to newspaper strips as a guest-star in Dick Tracy by Mike Curtis script and Joe Staton art , continuing the trend of Tracy stories reviving characters from defunct strips. The film served as a pilot for a planned TV series.

An animated feature to be directed by Brad Bird was in development in the s.

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Although studio executives praised the screenplay, they thought the film would be unmarketable, and was scrapped. The film adaptation The Spirit , written and directed by Frank Miller , was released in theaters by Lionsgate on December 25, Jackson as the Octopus. Denis Kitchen , the Eisner estate's agent, said in a July 8, online interview that a radio series had been in development: "It was pitched to the estate by a couple of producers, one of whom is very experienced with NPR , so we have been back and forth on how that would work.

Again, it would be premature to tell you it is going to happen, but it is in serious discussion. The comic strips and comics have been collected into a number of volumes :. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the live-action adaptation, see The Spirit film. Basically, it is all about Awareness.

No action in Spirituality is wrong or right - the only question is whether it was done out of Awareness or not. Sign In. Quora uses cookies to improve your experience. Read more.

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People should read "Suicide of the West" by Jonah Goldberg to understand why socialism can never work. It's contrary to the natural law and how God made us because it stifles individual freedom and initiative. Is an article about socialism by Elizabeth Breunig and all it's wonders not far behind past America author who has written on socialism?

What exactly do you mean by socialism as opposed to social democracy, which works quite well in northern Europe?

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Socialism means the ownership of the meanas of production by the government, a ssytem that does not work. Social democracy means private ownership of the emans of production, with the government taxling and regulating to ensure that every one benefits from the economy. Even in the USA we have had successful regulation of industries - transportation worked much beter when it was highly regulated, so too for HMOs before they were sold of their boards at a chep pricee and sold for an enormous increase, with much higher health care costs resulting.

And the airwaves worked far better under the rescinded fairness rule. Don't spread lies about social democracy. It works, resulting in societies where owners make good profits, workers make good wage, and happiness and environmental health is much higher as well as upward mobility. In the USA the word socialism is iused too loosely, sue for real socvialism and social democracy, a system far different from real socialism.

All the attacks in the US against socialism are designed to close of any consideration of social demmocracy. They are biased propaganada. Two things: first, the term socialism was used. The author is not a social democrat but a democratic socialist.

It's not quite clear what the difference between a democratic socialist and a socialist is. The author wants to make much of life free. Who will pay for it is not clear. There is no example in the world where this is happening. Second: the Scandinavian countries are free market democracies that are very small and very homogeneous and have high taxes. They could never be used as an example to emulate. Sweden in particular is having problems currently with their welfare state approach.

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Problem with your comment is that I have read Jonah Goldberg and know your comment is nonsense. He is an amazingly insightful researcher and a gifted writer.

Don't agree with everything but one can learn a ton from his books and columns. The average person will learn a lot from reading him. On the 50th anniversary of Humanae Vitae we're celebrating abortion and birth control as well as communism. I've never heard of America magazine till now, but I can see that this publication is clearly at odds with Church teaching and every true and learned Catholic should avoid it.